Tréguier - Roscoff 19.7. - 24.7.

  • Posted on: 1 June 2016
  • By: Eve

For taking a full advantage of the 3D mapping which Andrus and Esa made a day before, we aimed our departure from Paimpol to coincide with the high water. Everything went as planned. Both of them followed navigational aids that were lying yesterday on the sea bottom but were now bubbling in the water. We only gained a mile by taking a shortcut but it was fun to follow the plan succeed.
Suwena leaving Paimpol
Our port of call of the day was the anchorage on the southern side of Île de Bréhat. Spending a night at anchor would be a new experience to visiting crew. Paimpol is well sheltered from westerly winds, The sun was shining and it was quite hot. We were planning on anchoring at Île de Bréhat and enjoying the summer day. The wind however was from northwest and despite of the islands shelter there was a chilly breeze coming from the Atlantic. Also the anchor did not set properly and we had to reset it. Finally we took it as a sign that maybe we should head somewhere else. The anchor was weighed quickly and a plan was formed to continue to the river Le Jaudy near Tréguier and put the hook down there. In total we sailed for 23 nautical miles.
Oyster beds on the river Jaudy in Brittany
Esa at lookout on the river Jaudy in Brittany
Navigational aid during low water on the coast of Brittany
In the evening the sunshine was replaced by the drizzle but there were no wind. We were anchored in a very quiet bend of the river Le Jaudy just before Tréguier and when the other boats left to continuing to marina during the high water we had the whole river to ourselves for the night. Having an evening swim, followed by a dinner while anchored by the French château in the river was not a bad ending for the day at all.
Lovely anchorage on the river Jaudy in Brittany
After a quiet night we weighted the anchor and set course towards Roscoff, the wintering harbour of Suwena. Last leg of the summer cruise passed too quickly, we enjoyed it somehow more than on average daily passage.
French countryside on the river Jaudy in Brittany
Already during the winter we had booked a berth for Suwena. Roscoff marina was built in 2013 and everything is still new and in good condition. We received an excellent berth and were generally satisfied with all we saw.
Roscoff marina
Suwena in the Roscoff marina
Merja and Esa rented electric bicycles and went exploring Roscoff while we already started preparing Suwena for wintering.

There was also a free Rosko-bus which runs around the town chauffeuring people from the marina and ferry port to the supermarket and the town centre. By walking it takes about 15 minutes. There are quite a few restaurants in the centre and of course many crêperies. The best of all, there is the la Belle-Iloise shop as well.
Walking street of Roscoff
Old harbour of Roscoff in the front of the town
Fresh fish at the old harbour of Roscoff
Roundabout in the centre of Roscoff
Ferry to Ile de Batz departing from Roscoff during the low water
Roscoff, Brittany
When we arrived to the centre there was an exhibition from local cider breweries. Live music, happy people and cider tasting were filling the streets. This town looked rather suitable for wintering of Suwena.

On Friday we followed the footsteps of Esa and Merja towards our home in Finland. There is a local train from Roscoff to Morlaix followed by TGV train to Paris or Charles de Gaulle Airport. The journey of 600 kilometres takes about four hours, only.
Train station of Roscoff
We had quite a sorrow feelings to leave Suwena waiting for our return to Brittany. But for sure there will be another sailing season.