The sailing video of our journey to Hamburg got just ready to upload for the Father’s Day. I wish you my lovely husband Andrus and my father Heikki and all the fathers everywhere very good Father’s Day from Ipswich, the east coast of the UK. Today is the Father’s Day in Finland and in some other Scandinavian countries as well. Here in England they spend Father’s Day on the 3rd Sunday of June. It looks that the fathers can celebrate all around the year because of each country has its own date from February to December.

It feels so funny that it is already November and Suwena is slowly swinging by the pontoon and the sea isn’t going to freeze at all. We are now spending a long weekend here onboard Suwena. The task list is full of maintenance work for the engine, generator and other annual maintenance tasks. Let see if there is still some time to have a short sailing trip as well.

When on Thursday we arrived onboard, there were some problems waiting us. When we turned the heater on in a nine degrees boat, the heater was making very strange sound until it stopped and the light started to blink indicating the failure code. Luckily Ipswich is a real boating city and there are many boat servicing companies here. Next Tuesday we gonna get a new Webasto and until that we are heating Suwena by an air conditioner and an oil heater.

During the last summer Hamburg was one of the most biggest surprise to us. We really liked a lot of the relaxed atmosphere of Hamburg and there are lovely people there. Come with us still for a while to enjoy the feeling of Hamburg with our sailing video.

Suwena’s Sailing Voyage to Hamburg

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