• Posted on: 2 May 2009
  • By: Andrus
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. — Mark Twain

This is the sailing blog of Eve's and Andrus's adventures on board of the yacht Suwena. On this blog we want to share our experiences about our lifestyle with all friends, visitors and people who are interested in boating.

Eve has been an entrepreneur nearly all of her career and Andrus has had many key positions in the various technology companies. Nowadays we are working together in our own company. As entrepreneurs the days are full of work, so the sailing is great common hobby balancing busy business life.
Andrus and Eve
It all started when during a sunny summer day in 2007. Andrus was reading from newspaper an ad of local hardware store and he proposed to buy a small inflatable dinghy for making day trips on the local river Oulujoki. We forgot it for a while but one month later we found ourselves from the floating boat show in Helsinki looking at the boats.

After several phases we launched a brand new Skorgenes Sonic 335 Fly motorboat in the spring of 2008 and named her Suwena. With Skorgeres Suwena we sailed for three unforgettable summers in Finland and nearby waters.

The boating took our hearts indeed. We noticed that we liked cruising a lot and the desire to sail farther away increased.

In May 2011 we launched a new sailboat Suwena, the Nauticat 441. She was commissioned for blue water sailing and the full description about her is on the boat page.

Suwena started her world voyage in the spring of 2012 when we left from Finland towards the southern Baltic Sea. Our plan is that every summer we are going to sail to the new water area which we will explore further. For us the most interesting is to see the local lifestyle and to be part of it for a moment. At the end of the season Suwena will be staying for wintering and waiting for us to come back the following spring with new sailing destinations in our minds.

So far we have sailed in 18 countries at the Baltic Sea, the North Sea and the North-Atlantic Ocean. Totally over 10000 nautical miles of water has passed under the keel during the past eight boating seasons. The links to the travel reports of different seasons are found from the voyage page.

We are the members of the yacht club Oulun Merenkävijät, where we have got excellent advice and good friends.

In addition to real-world sailing experience we have trained our seamanship skills in various training programs. Andrus has passed the following courses: day skipper, coastal skipper, CEVNI and both marine radio short range (SRC) and long range (LRC) certificates. Together we have passed the first aid course arranged by the Red Cross of Oulu. In the autumn of 2008 Andrus was issued the International Certificate of Competency (ICC). During the winter 2009 we both completed a sailing course in Teneriffe.

Usually we're sailing by ourselves. Andrus is the skippper of the boat and Eve handles the deck work. She also helps in navigation what she can because of her blindness.

Eve and Andrus