Korpoström and Verkan 31.8. – 4.9.

  • Posted on: 17 September 2011
  • By: Eve

For the next stop we wanted to find a new destination for us. After browsing through the guide book we set a course towards a small island of Kirjais. As we approached the harbour we were worried if the guide book's depth information of 2.5 metres is correct as there were no soundings on adjacent sea map area. We slowly approached the pier and the water got shallower every second. Finally in 2.3 metres of water we made her fast alongside at the end of the pier.
Suwena at the harbour of Kirjais island
Somehow Kirjais was not at its best. The pier was broken and the overall spirit was low. To help our decission the fresh water was sold by the minute pricing. We wondered for a few minutes and then untied the docklines and continued the journey.

Andrus studied the map for a moment and proposed that Korpoström marina is only 14 nautical miles away if we take a shortcut outside the marked fairways. Again we noticed the difference between Archipelago Sea and our home waters in Gulf of Bothnia. In Gulf of Bothnia the coastal waters are shallow and full of rocks. Sailboats needs to take an ample distance between themselves and the shore. For example on this leg we however sailed between two islets on the south side of the Ytterstholm island. The distance between the islets were 1.5 cables and the water depth was 38 metres.

The autumn has really arrived to the archipelago. We were the only yacht in Korpoström marina. The harbour personnel greeted us warmly and to our surprise informed that during the weekdays there are no harbour fees because for example the sauna is not warm. We could still use shorepower and freshwater as we liked. We spent two nights in this friendly place being alone all the time. We also need to point out the difference between two harbours at the same day. One of them would charge 0.5 € for 40 litres of water and the other offered free electricity and water because all services were not fully available.
Suwena alone at Korpoström marina
Our target for the weekend was Verkan marina. We did know that there would be a crab feast. On the way from Korpoström to Verkan we crossed our wake from this spring. It felt staggering in beautiful sunshine as we closed the circle. The Baltic Circle is done now. Immediately our thoughts went to the next season and where would Suwena make a wake then.

We approached Verkan at noon and already several yachts had arrived. During the afternoon boats kept coming. We both guessed wrong about the number of yachts. Finally over 30 boats came to celebrate the feast. We also heard that at previous weekend during the Night of the Ancient Fires the harbour was fully packed and the atmosphere was full of action.

On Saturday we went for a walk into the Korppoo village. The village centre looked active. Also the grocery store had a good offering and plenty of fresh foods. The walk from the marina to the village is about 1.5 kilometres. We enjoyed the peaceful and bright day of the early autumn. Children were playing treasure hunt under the apple trees that were bending under full load of the juicy apples. Just the thought of fresh apples straight from the trees made our mouth water.
Village centre of Korppoo island
On Saturday evening it was a time for a crab feast. The restaurant Buffalo was full of happy people and the snaps songs were sung throughout the evening. The buffet served huge shrimps from Greenland that were declared biggest available before being called the prawns.
Guest yachts in Verkan crab feast
On Sunday we sailed towards Turku. We knew that in this fall we can sail with Suwena maybe only once before the winter lift-off. Suwena stayed in Turku waiting for us while we rushed back to home and everyday chores.