Southern Baltic Sea '12

The Göta Canal by Sailboat Suwena

5 December 2012 -- Eve

Two weeks passed quickly in Sweden when we were sailing with Suwena the whole 190 kilometres long Göta canal from east to west. At the highest we were 91 meters above the sea level.
We really got to know locks and the lockage during 58 locks on the way to lake Vänern.

The Göta canal was a great adventure which is worthwhile experience for everyone, even only though thinking back to the summer of 2012 with Suwena.

Vadstena Castle Marina

21 December 2012 -- Eve

Vadstena is one of the most famous historical towns in Sweden. We sailed to Vadstena during our voyage on the Göta canal. The sail on lake Vättern is only 9 nautical miles from Motala to Vadstena. It felt special to enter with our own boat into the marina in the moat of Vadstena Castle. Here is a small video sample about Vadstena.

The Cruising on the Øresund Strait

16 February 2013 -- Eve

During the sailing on the Øresund strait we visited in Helsingør which has a significant Danish maritime heritage. So the Kronborg castle built in 1420 by the King Eric of Pomerania was certainly one of the places to explore in Helsingør.

The Swedish island of Ven located in the middle of the Øresund strait seemed to be a very popular day cruising destination among both the Danish and the Swedish.

We also had a very interesting week in the capital city of Denmark in Copenhagen. We had a berth to Suwena at Langelinie Yacht harbour which is just next to the Little Mermaid statue. The jazz festival, Tivoli Gardens and many other great moments made from our voyage memorable indeed.

Sailboat Suwena Visiting in the Island of Bornholm

21 February 2013 -- Eve

In the middle of the southern Baltic Sea there is the Danish island of Bornholm where we were sailing in the summer of 2012. During the tour around the island we found out that all the guest harbours were full of boats from many Baltic countries and even further. We stayed in Rønne marina but we warmly recommend the other harbours Allinge, Gudhjem and Svaneke from the northeastern and eastern coast of Bornholm.

There are many things to see around the Bornholm island from Hammershus castle ruins to plenty of picturesque small handcraft workshops. And certainly not to forget our most memorable experience in the windmill of Aarsdale.

Suwena on the Sailing Voyage in Poland

24 February 2013 -- Eve

Poland, one of the nine Baltic Sea countries, was our sailing destination during the summer of 2012.

Kołobrzeg seemed to be a charming coastal city with huge beaches and happy people. Zeebrugge, the lighthouse and the waterfront promenades with surrounding parks made the atmosphere cozy, indeed.

We also visited in Świnoujście where the marina was just expanded and there was a plenty of space. During that weekend there was a regatta with barbecue party in the marina.