Uncharted waters part 1: Going forward

  • Posted on: 14 January 2011
  • By: Andrus

Here starts our five part trilogy about searching for new Suwena.
Suwena anchored on Archipelago Sea
When we started the boating in 2008 we really fell into it at once. We have been travelling across the globe for our work several times a year, but still the boating brings a new angle to destinations. On our voyages we have been visiting in the places which are already known to us beforehand by a car, by a train or by an airplane but arriving by the boat feels totally something different.

The living aboard in a harbor several days we get to see the place much more by the eyes of local people. We look around for food stores, use public transportation and interact with other people about what and how to do. This gives us much more deep experience than only being in tourist traps. We have been fascinated by the exploration of local culture.
Suwena is visitting friend's summerhouse
The boating has many faces. For some it is day sailing trips to nearby destinations, for the others the boat is more like a moving villa, still others become fascinated by competitions and regattas and for some it's exploration of the new places. We certainly belong to the latter class of cruisers.

During the winter our job is very intensive and possibility to have long summer cruises is an amazing thing for us. Our relationship contains a lot of co-working and spending free time together so last summers 8 week cruise felt very natural to us. We noticed that we both really like boating with all the challenges. So very typical to us we started planning long term targets for our cruising grounds as well.

So far we've been cruising for three seasons, behind us is more than 3000 nautical miles and 64 different harbors in Finland, Estonia and Russia. We are very eager to explore by the boat also the rest of the Baltic Sea countries.
Ocean Marina Yacht Club in Pattaya Thailand
Active boaters in Ocean Marina Yacht Club
It is not a surprise that our trips into Europe and Asia we have found ourselves from exploring local marinas whenever possible. In Thailand we searched for sailing course ads from bulletin board on marina wall. In Hong Kong we arranged ourselves as guests into Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club where we can now visit for one week each year. Barcelona Port Olimpic was a place of study about med mooring techniques. We planed for a long time how to med moor Suwena taking into account the visual impairment of Eve.
Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club
Marina service dinghy of HKRYC
On our honeymoon we did a Mediterranean cruise. Our total trip was more than 2500 nautical miles and we stopped in the places like Venice, Santorini, Piraeus, Istanbul, Napoli, Civitavecchia, Livorno, Marseille and Barcelona. Luxury cruise was very fabulous. However we did miss the opportunity to study these beautiful cities as the ship stopped in each location for one day only. So our target is that we can one day explore Mediterranean by Suwena in our own pace.
Yachts moored in Mediterranean way in Italy
Med mooring in Orbetello