Saltsjöbaden 16.6. – 18.6.

  • Posted on: 19 June 2011
  • By: Eve

To finish up the visit to Stockholm we made a small sightseeing tour with the boat in front of old town and Royal King's palace. We missed by one year the royal wedding of the crown princess Victoria but that’s ok. The palace looked great and for us it was time to turn our bow towards the Stockholm southern archipelago and new adventures.
Royal palace in Stockholm
Goodbye Stockholm
We returned for three nautical miles our own wake and then turned towards south the narrow and curvy Baggensstäket canal. Between the Varmdö island and mainland mainland is a narrow channel with the depth of only 3 meters so bigger ships cannot go through. We were lucky we did not met any ships in the narrowest part of the channel but just as we were going out there was an archipelago cruise ship approaching from the south.
Baggensstäket canal
Our destination was the Saltsjöbaden. The harbour is managed by the Royal Swedish Yacht Club (KSSS). Saltsjöbaden is one of their five bases. KSSS is really active yacht club because on piers there was a lot of space for dinghy sailors. There were also a 12 fuel pumps. We wonder that during the high season there must be quite a rush.
Fuel pumps of the KSSS in Saltsjöbaden
Suwena managed to get a place just in the front of the dockside restaurant. The restaurant opened at noon and played easy music. The people's happy chatting and reggae music combined with sunshine brought up a feeling that we are somewhere in much more distant waters. We tested the menu and ordered delicious char with horseradish mousse. We have not dined out very much but one thing is noticeable. Even in small restaurants in Sweden we can find excellent seafood and there are several choices to choose from. We hope it would be in Finland the same way.
Suwena in Saltsjöbaden
From Saltsjöbaden our voyage continued towards the Nynäshamn.