• Posted on: 1 May 2009
  • By: Andrus

The name of our boat is Suwena. We found her name by chance in Phuket, Thailand. As we were ordering a seafood pizza in a seafood restaurant, Andrus saw a waitresses name on her name tag, Suweena. We had just discussed about our upcoming boats name and it immediately felt the right name for our boat. We liked the name because of its soft sounding and especially since it reminds one Finnish word (suvena) which means during the summer. We are living in north of Finland, so we really can use our Suwena only during the summer.
Suwena anchored at the lagoon of Lådna
Our Suwena is a Nauticat 441 sailboat. All Nauticat yachts are customized according to customers preferences. We wished our yacht to be especially liveable, cosy and sea worthy.

Suwena is two masted ketch rigged yacht and her main mast height is 17.5 meters. Suwena's total sail area is 85.3 sq m that is split into furling mainsail of 25.6 sq m, furling genoa of 48.5 sq m and furling mizzen sail of 11.2 sq m. In addition the sail equipment includes the 114 sq m gennaker and 13 sq m storm jib.

From hull shape she is long keeled and 5.5 metric tons of lead counterbalance the forces from the sails. With all extras her weight is more than 19 metric tons. She is 14.51 meters long and 3.7 meters wide.

Nauticat 441 is a pilothouse sailboat. Suwena can be fully steered and navigated both from outside helm or from inside helmstation. Of course the sails are trimmed always from cockpit.
Suwena's layout
The salon is open and well lit as she has big windows, huge U-couch, helmstation and easy to use waterproof side doors. Both in front and aft are spacious 2-person cabins. Kitchen is the heart of every home and we plan to travel long voyages with Suwena so her U-shaped kitchen is well equipped. Next to kitchen is a small dinette that can be used as a dining room or an excellent office.

Suwena during 2008-2010

Our first Suwena boat was a Skorgenes 335 motorboat that we sailed more than 3000 nautical miles in Finland and Estonia.