Tréguier 10.6. - 15.6.

  • Posted on: 20 June 2016
  • By: Eve

Last summer we stayed at the anchorage on the river Jaudy near Tréguier. However many sailors from both France and the UK have recommended to visit the town of Tréguier to us. Thus we headed there.

We departed from Ploumanac'h as soon as there was enough water over the sill, about mid-tide. On the coast of Brittany the tidal current flows east on rising tide helping us forward and as the wind was busy somewhere else we motored to Tréguier arriving just at high tide.

All pilot books have strong warnings that Tréguier marina must only be entered at slack water. The pontoons are at the river bend and the current passes them diagonally. We heard that even the experienced skippers get confused then the strong diagonal current plays with the boat in a narrow gap between the berths. Making a boat fast securely can be tricky there!
Tréguier, Brittany
Tréguier marina in Brittany
The harbourmaster welcomed us on the pontoon and took our lines. At the same time he proposed a berth that is better suited for Suwena from inside the hammerhead. We were glad to notice that during our stay in Tréguier he welcomed all arriving boats. Also the overall atmosphere of the marina was very relaxed. BTW, it was the first French marina with English signs as well. +1 to Tréguier.
Suwena in the marina of Tréguier in Brittany
Tréguier is really a nice place to relax and take long walks. It is located about 10 km inlands, away from the coast and this warmed up the air nicely. Even if every morning we woke up with the clouds and had some showers, the afternoon were just beautiful, The Sun was shining and we took the opportunity for having walks in the alleys and streets of the old town of Tréguier. The town’s surroundings are lush French countryside with more opportunities for listening the birds singing. There were a plenty of caravans, motorcyclists, cyclists and of course us, the boaters, there and everybody was enjoying the tranquillity of the nature.
The river Jaudy in Brittany
The river scenery in Tréguier in Brittany
Scenery of the river Jaudy in Brittany
The heart of Tréguier, the old town is located on the hill. There are two major sights, the cathedral and monastery of St Tudwal. There are of course several cafés, brasseries and restaurants surrounding the central square. We tasted an amazing seafood platter with lobster, crab and many other wonders of the sea. The restaurant of Poissonnerie Dégustation Moulinet Jean-Pierre was recommended to us already a year ago and we can pass the recommendation forward with full heart.
St Tudwal cathedral in Tréguier in Brittany
When on Saturday evening we descended the hill, back to the marina, we decided to sample the beverage offerings in the restaurant Le Ponton that is located only a few steps from the visitor’s pontoon. Despite of being just consumed an enormous seafood platter we were looking at the mouthwatering dishes which the cook was grilling. He grilled all main courses from fish to fillets on the vast open fire coal barbecue. It was just a perfect invitation to return here in another evening.