Our Baltic Circle of 2011 continued in Latvia. We stopped in harbours located both on the Baltic Sea side and on the Gulf of Riga side: Liepaja, Pavilosta, Roja and of course Riga. Already in 2008 during our voyage to Estonia we had a plan to visit Riga. However we felt that at that time the stop in Riga would make our trip too long. Therefore now Riga was firmly in our itinerary and we were very satisfied with our visit even if it meant quite a long sail to the bottom of the Gulf of Riga and up the River of Daugava.

Latvia’s harbours and especially Riga and Jurmala offered us a beautiful summer sailing voyage. Our intent is to visit Riga again, maybe even only for a weekend holiday.

We had a good time making this video and blog post by thinking back about our visit in Latvia, while we are planning new voyages to Suwena for a next summer: Latvia’s Liepaja and Pavilosta, Roja and Riga.

Sailing video from yacht Suwena’s cruise in Latvia

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