We cast off Suwena’s lines from Finland in 2012 and after that we have been sailing forward every year. Each year we have selected a new location for Suwena’s wintering that we also used a local base for exploring around. Previously she stayed in Turku Finland, Kappeln Germany, Ipswich England, Troon Scotland and now in Roscoff France. In this light it was an easy decision to change the sailing plan and stay one more season in Brittany. Especially as the previous season we were stuck by the weather and due to delays we only spent a short time in the Channel Islands. We both had a feeling that there was still some more exploration to be done before continuing our journey south.

The route of this summer started from Suwena’s wintering harbour of Roscoff. At first we sailed east along the coast of Brittany visiting in Morlaix, Ploumanac’h and Tréguier. Then it was time to hurry up to the Channel Islands where this time we had enough time for visiting the smaller islands as well. We can say that we fell in love of those charming tiny islands of Alderney, Herm and Sark. We recommend that you spend at least one week in these islands when you are planning your sailing journey to the Channel Islands. Guernsey and Jersey are already size wise bigger and offer more activities. All combined time is flying fast in this unique place between France and the UK.

After we returned back to France we surely enjoyed of all numerous trekking trails which are winding across the every village and town along the coast of Brittany. There are a total of 2000 km of trail on the coast and we got our share of enjoying the fresh sea air.

There were two definite highlights in Brittany. At first Ploumanac’h kept our adrenaline rushing during the approach to the lagoon. Visibility was only a few tens of meters in a pea soup fog and we could clearly hear the waves hitting the cliffs while we were navigating with radar in the entrance channel. Not to mention that there was a tidal current as well 🙂 Next day after fog lifted, it revealed magnificent view. During the low tide it was an amazing feeling to walk on a dried seabed having Brittany’s famous rose granite glittering under the trainers.

Île de Bréhat was as wonderful as recommended. Great picturesque French view and relaxed attitude of islanders themselves made it very cozy there. We could have spent easily longer time in Île de Bréhat but our summer holiday was nearly ending and we still need to prepare Suwena for her second wintering in Roscoff.

This summer cruise was shorter than our previous seasons, only 40 days. We absolutely succeeded with our cruising plan. We kind of knew this sailing area from previous year and sailing in familiar environment was a fresh change before turning Suwena’s bow south again.

The blog stories of Suwena’s sailing in Brittany and the Channel Islands you can read from the blog archive.

Log summary of Suwena 2016

  • Nautical miles: 272 M, from where 30 % sailing, 17 % motorsailing and 53 % motoring
  • Engine hours: 40 h
  • Generator hours: 7 h
  • Fuel used incl. engine, generator and heater: 200 l
  • Fresh water: 6060 l, 88 l/day
  • Ports 5 + anchorages 5: total 10 ports of call
  • Overnight stays: 69 nights
  • Lockage: – locks
  • Dinghy fuel consumption: 5 l
  • Longest leg: Île de Bréhat – Roscoff 53M

The map of Suwena’s year 2016 harbours and summer voyage.
[flexiblemap src=”https://www.suwena.net/wp-content/kml/Suwena_2016.kml” maptype=”hybrid” width=”100%”]

Summary of the Sailing Season 2016

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