We’ve now been sailing for eight seasons and over 9200 nautical miles in 17 different countries. Our basic philosophy is still the same: sailing forward each season looking for a new sailing areas.

Our original summer plan was to keep sailing in Brittany and then sail around the northwest corner of Brittany called Finistère. We were thinking to continue hugging the coast of Biskay and leave her wintering in Europe’s biggest marina in La Rochelle. To our surprise there was a 15 month waiting time for the berth and the price was one and a half times higher than Roscoff, so we remade our summer plans.

Actually it started to feel that we’d like to have a different summer. There are still a lot to see in Brittany and many local sailors have given us very good sailing tips. Maybe we should explore the coast of Brittany in more detail.

Last summer we liked the Channel Islands a lot and due to lack of time we missed Alderney, Sark and Herm completely.

Suwena also has a good berth in Roscoff so she will spend another winter in familiar environment.

Usually we make quite a detailed plan for supporting our schedule. This summer we let the wind and feelings decide our sailing direction in Brittany and the Channel Islands.

You can again follow Suwena’s adventures in the blog and we can together sail on the waves of the sea.

Suwena’s Sailing Plan for the summer of 2016

2 thoughts on “Suwena’s Sailing Plan for the summer of 2016

  • August 18, 2016 at 20:39

    I want to thank you for sharing with other persons your so interesting reports of your sea travels with your beautifull SUWENA!
    I admire your seamanship for entering PLOUMANACH lagoon in heavy fog!TGettting to that harbour is a bit tricky when you do it for the first time and doing it with a short visibility deserves a special mention.
    My wife and I live in NORMANDY next to the D DAY beaches and we have been going each year to PLOUMANACH since 1974!
    You may know that this village was selected in 2015 as the prettiest village in France and that explains that since last year so many people have come to visit.
    We were there at the same time as you but I don’t remember seeing your boat..
    Thank you again for the pleasure I am sure you give to many people like me.
    Bon voyage et bon vent!
    Warmest regards

  • August 28, 2016 at 10:35

    Hi Jacques,
    Hi Jacques,

    The Ploumanach entry was definately a bit hairy. But I do trust my radar. I also have the radar image and plotter chart overlaid. This increases my confidence that the electonic chart in the plotter is actually correct. In addition I usually try to memorize the buoys on tight entrances from Reeds and other pilot books.

    I also noticed that there was a problem with images in old blog stories. This was a configuration problem in Drupal and all images of Suwena’s blog should be now visible.

    Happy sailing,



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