Almost two years have passed since our last blog upgrade. Then we started to write our blog entries both in Finnish and English. There are already 16 sailing videos about our adventures at Baltic Sea on Suwena’s video channel.

Inspired by the upcoming season Andrus created a new design for the blog. The updated appearance is now ready to be launched.

Andrus added an image slideshow where five random pictures from our voyages are presented. By clicking on a gallery image the related story can be opened. At the same time there is a random video from Youtube on the right side of the slideshow.

More than 1400 readers visit Suwena’s sailing blog every month and they view around 15000 pages. We hope that the new design cheers up our readers. Soon we will start posting new stories about this season. We plan to sail into completely new sailing area, so stay tuned!

Upgraded Sailing Blog

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