We have now held our blog for three unforgettable boating seasons. Our target audience has been in Finland and blog language has been Finnish. During this season our stories have been read by more than 600 unique visitors monthly. We’ve got good feedback both by email and by blog comments as well. We would like to thank all enthusiastic readers and feedback writers.

The past seasons 2008 – 2010 you can see in our Finnish pages. There you can see our stories and photos. We have written a short summary of each season to Voyage page in English as well.

It’s time to develop ourselves and raise our blog to new level. From now on we will write blog stories in both languages: English and Finnish. We will make translations to both languages as we have resources available. There can be some differences between them occasionally. Anyhow our aim is to keep our readers worldwide up to date about adventures of Suwena.

Our aim is to find people who are sailing the seven seas of the world or who are interested in boating as armchair traveller. We also hope we could help foreign cruisers visiting Finland. We are happy to share our knowledge of Finnish coastal cruising because we have been sailing with Suwena all around the Finland: Bay of Bothnia, Quark, Sea of Bothnia, Archipelago Sea, Gulf of Finland, Saimaa Canal and Lake Saimaa.

During this 2010 season we began to make video clips about locations we visitted and our adventures. Videos have been subtitled in English for international viewers. You can watch videos on boatsuwena’s channel in YouTube.

Blog Renewal

One thought on “Blog Renewal

  • March 5, 2013 at 09:41

    Hi from downunder
    Hi from downunder
    I have watched your vidos and eagerly look forward to your next adventure.
    Your production and comentory is verry good, memorys are rekindled of our stay in Sweden.
    Thank you


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