On the leg from Sottunga to Degerby we sailed comfortably all the way. At first we had a downwind and sailed her a wing on wing for the first time.

On the leg from Sottunga to Degerby we sailed comfortably all the way. At first we had a downwind and sailed her a wing on wing for the first time. We sheeted the mainsail to the right and genoa to the left. Second half of the trip was already familiar close reach.

In Degerby we approached the guest harbour and started to ponder if there is enough depth for our yacht. Suwena’s draft is 1.9 meters. In the middle of summer when there are other yachts in the harbour the water depth can be guessed according to the size and type of other boats. This harbour had no signs of depth and somehow it looked too shallow. Now in the beginning of summer water was so clear that we could see the bottom and our doubts only increased. We know there would be enough water for us on the dock of the restaurant Seagram and we moored over there instead of guest harbour.

Suwena in Degerby
Suwena in Degerby

We were again so early in season that the guest harbour was not open yet. Restaurant Seagram guest harbour will open on 1st of June.

We were so interested in official marina that we walked over there to explore it more closely. Of course the only septic pump out station in Degerby was located there as well and Suwena was in time to use one soon. We made a joke on pump out dock that one of us could jump into water and test how much water comes above the head to evaluate if there is deep enough for Suwena. Well the water is still cold and we skipped the test. Instead we walked to nearby restaurant Mat & Cafe to ask about the piers. The answer was what we already were thinking about. The water is only 1.5 meters deep near the pump out station. It would have been much easier with some kind of markings on the docks.

The official Degerby guest harbour looked otherwise also little strange because the floating guest docks are just behind the pump out station. We also found very weird water post where a visiting yacht can use the water for 4 minutes at a time with one euro. This price is ridiculous! We were glad our 620 liter water tank was full. The water post was also on a pump out dock so Suwena was not in danger to be robbed by water tanking.

Water station in Degerby
Water station in Degerby

In both of the Åland’s archipelago harbours we did not see any other Finnish flagged boats. Sottunga had one yacht from UK and couple from Sweden, in Degerby on other hand was a crew from Swizerland on a Baltic Sea tour.

In Degerby the sun was shining for the first time this year so warmly that we decided also the get the first ice creams cones, ahh so delicious.

Degerby center
Degerby center

On Wednesday it was time to turn Suwena’s bow towards Ålands main island and Mariehamn’s West harbour.
Skarven travelling from Degerby to Åland's main isalnd
Skarven travelling from Degerby to Åland’s main isalnd

Degerby in Föglö 31.5. – 1.6.

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  • June 7, 2011 at 19:20

    Finally on Internet
    We arrived today to Furusund. The days in Mariehamn were full of action and after arriving to Sweden we got internet connection just now. We’ll update the blog shortly. Suwena and her crew are feeling excellent and we’re just enjoining the fabulous sunset of Stockholm archipelago.

  • November 7, 2023 at 10:48

    Hej Eve and Andrus

    I was the Swiss Guy with his Crew in Föglö 2011.
    Inbetween i Sailed a lot in the north (also around Scandinavia, Russia, White sea, Northcape, with my Hanse wich i sold last year.
    Now, by searching an Nauticat 43 or 44 i found your beautifull website.
    I wish you al lot more nice adventures with suwena.


    PS: If you knew someone who wants to sell his Nauticat…..


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