Redes, Ría de Ares 20.5. – 24.5.

  • Posted on: 28 May 2018
  • By: Eve

It was perfect to start the summer voyage on a warm day in beautiful sunshine. The weather was like this when we departed Sada on Sunday. The first leg of the voyage was amazing five nautical miles long just into the neighbouring bay. Sada is located on Ría de Betanzos and we sailed north-east where the bay splits into two. The other fork is smaller and called Ría de Ares. This bay was recommended by many locals as their favourite anchorage area. Whenever we asked for recommendations everybody replied: Redes on Ría de Ares.
Suwena dressed for the summer of 2018
There were quite a few sailboats, motorboats and waterjets on the ría. The wind was light, and we like many others were eagerly adjusting sails trying to catch any breath of the wind available. We’re in no hurry and it was magnificent feeling to be back at sea with the boat quietly moving through the water. It was like the dust of the winter was blown out from the brains :-)

There are numerous beaches in Ría de Ares. All of them were full of weekend lovers. We continued deeper into the ría and dropped the hook in front of the village of Redes. When we arrived, there were already about ten other boats anchored. In the evening all local boats weighed their anchors for return voyage and only one French yacht spent a night with us. In the morning they also departed, and we could have the whole bay to ourselves for the next three days. Amazing! Originally we were going to stay here two nights, but the bay was so lovely that we stayed four nights here.
Suwena anchored, Redes Ría de Ares, Galicia
Suwena anchored, Redes Ría de Ares, Galicia
Suwena anchored, Redes Ría de Ares, Galicia
Even if there was forecasted wind and swell to the Bay of Biscay, our anchorage was really well sheltered. Suwena was lazily swaying in small wavelets. The best in anchoring is when the boat is in the middle of nature while the birds are singing and the sea is creating smooth sound around us.

We also put the dinghy into water and took Pikku Suwena to Redes for having walks. Redes is the small Galician village and we could even spot the typical Galician gallerias there.
Andrus lowering Pikku Suwena, Redes, Ría de Ares, Galicia
Redes, Ría de Ares, Galicia
Redes, Ría de Ares, Galicia
Pikku Suwena in Redes, Ría de Ares, Galicia
When sitting at lunch in one of the two restaurants we could nothing but admire the hospitality and friendliness of Galicians. Locals were chatting comfortably from one table to another and even into the other restaurant. Everybody seemed to know each other. One man even was singing during his whole lunch, and every now and then somebody joined with few frases from neighboring tables as well. People were relaxing during their lunch and so did we, indeed.