When we launched Suwena for the first time in 2011 we could not have imagined that seven years later the spring launch would happen in Roscoff on the coast of Brittany in France. Unusually she was wintering two years at the same place and we are now eager to continue our adventures southwards.

This summer we’re sailing in the Bay of Biscay. Among sailors the Bay of Biscay is known for rough seas. This must be due to parts of the continental shelf that extends far into the bay, resulting in fairly shallow waters while the depth in the middle of the bay is close to 5000 metres. The shape of a seabed in combination with demanding weather patterns of the North Atlantic creates challenging sailing conditions. No wonder why this area is known for rough seas. However there must be some extra spices in these horror sailing stories as the best sailing area of France with beautiful islands is on this coast. Let’s see what we think after the summer season 😉

There is a proper boaters’ highway across the Bay of Biscay. From the north-west corner of Brittany of France to the north-west corner of Galicia of Spain the boats are shuttling between North-Europe and South-Europe. Beeline distance is about 300 nautical miles and the crossing of the Biscay takes more or less three complete days depending on the boat and weather. We plan again something different and will spend two months instead of three days in this area.

After sailing around the corner of Finistère starts 200-mile long cruising area which some say it is the best in France. It includes several inland seas like Bay of Brest and Gulf of Morbihan. There are many interesting islands as well. Our target is to find as white sand as in Caribbean and we should find it on Îles des Glénan. While talking about sand near Archachon should be Europe’s highest sand dune: 110 metres.

In addition to popular islands like Belle-Île-en-Mer, Îles des Glénan, Île de Groix and Île d’Yeu we plan to explore the west coast of France from north to south. For sailors the most known area must be Vendée as every four year the round-the-world single-handed non-stop race Vendée Globe starts there.

In July we plan to sail in the waters of North Spain. The Bask Country of Spain is said to have the best tapas in the country and as desperate gourmets we just have to go for sampling there.

From Bask Country we continue to Asturias and later to Galicia where Suwena will stay for the next winter.

Galicia is famous for its rías. On the merciless coast of the North Atlantic the rías offer sheltered sailing and safehavens.

We are really waiting for the departure and the summer. It just feels right to explore the coast of Biscay in France and Spain. We’ll again see and experience new places and their local culture.

Suwena’s Passage in the Bay of Biscay

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