During the season 2012 we visited in 33 different harbours and three anchorages from which we rank the following places.

Top five marinas

  • Langelinie, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Vadstena, Lake Vättern, Sweden
  • Lilla Bommens, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Kołobrzeg, Poland
  • Ancker Yachting, Kappeln, Germany

Top five cruising destinations

  • Marstrand, Västkustan, Sweden
  • Kołobrzeg, Poland
  • Seedorf, Rügen, Germany
  • Ven island, Sound, Sweden
  • Motala, Göta canal, Sweden

Top anchorage

  • Lådna, Stockholm archipelago, Sweden

Top four delicious dishes in restaurants

  • Restaurant Kajutan, Sjötorp, Sweden: Delicious pike-perch
  • Restaurant Stark, Kappeln, Germany: Fish selected by customer cooked to his liking
  • Restaurant Toscana, Świnoujście, Poland: Turbot filled with plums
  • Restaurant Pakhuset, Skagen, Denmark: Hake

Special mentions about food

  • This summer we were cooking quite a lot by ourselves and we got familiar with the grocery stores in every visited country. We would like to give a special mention about high food quality and wide selection in Swedish grocery stores. We were especially surprised about ample selection of different meats. Also the vegetable selection was wide in all shops.
  • We would also like to give a special mention to all restaurants on the coast of northern Germany serving the freshly caught cod. It was delicious everywhere.

Top five attractions

  • Nature trail in Marstrand and its various exploration locations, Sweden
  • Göta canal, Sweden
  • Castle of Kronborg, Helsingør, Denmark
  • Working mill of Aarsdale, Bornholm, Denmark
  • Motormuseum, Motala, Sweden
Suwena’s Season 2012 Ranking List

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