Back on water in 2022

Eve and Andrus in boatyard of Algés

In February of 2020 we came to Lisbon for preparing Suwena for the summer cruise. Andrus serviced the engine, and we visited several boatyards to choose a location for annual haulout. And we found a suitable place from Algés next


Eve in the funicular Bica, Lisbon

We spent a major part of our time in Lisbon on recommissioning Suwena. However, we managed to squeeze in a few days of exploring the city. After all we were in the heart of Lisbon and it’s a very fascinating

Lagos 16.6. – 19.6.

Marina de Lagos, Portugal

Marina de Lagos is the true sailing center of Algarve. In addition to local sailors many foreigners keep their boat here and of course pretty much every sailing boat stop here unless she makes a direct passage between Cadiz or